About Dr. Satyabrata Minaketan

An eminent educationist, philanthropist, humanitarian, thought leader, and leader. Dr. Satyabrata Minaketan has gained a respected and prominent position in society due to his exemplary work throughout his career. With decades-long experience, his rise to prominence can be attributed to his strong and unparalleled willpower, leadership, dedication, calibre, conviction, and humanitarian qualities.

Born on 19th March 1961, Dr. Satyabrata comes from a humble background and still nurtures a great sense of pride in his roots that lie in the tradition and history of Odisha. He started his dream career in remote areas of Odisha and gradually rose to become of the most pioneering educationists of the state. He has established the renowned ODM Educational Group to deliver world-class education among the young generation. He strongly believes that by spreading education excellence among the young generation, which is keen to adopt modern learning practices and truly sincere to achieve success, the paramount of 21st-century education excellence can be achieved successfully.

Dr. Satyabrata also has made a distinct contribution to revitalizing and modernizing the existing education system of the state. He founded ODM Public School and ODM Business School to support his strong and society-benefiting visions. His mission for education excellence is continuing with the constant expansion of ODM Educational Group and other education branches associated with it.

He is also highly dedicated to revolutionary humanitarian acts with a strong work ethic throughout his career. His determination and devotion towards building a positive and intellectual society have brought smiles to countless faces. He contributed numerous articles with life-changing mantras to national journals and renowned as a published author for his “You Can…” book series.

Besides his treasured contribution to the field of education, he also founded Odisha’s first naturopathy health village named – Healthville to promote natural healthcare, Ayurveda, Yoga, and Pranic Healing techniques. The centre offers physical, psychological and spiritual health overhaul with the help of the power of nature.