Dr. Satyabrata’s Entrepreneurship Story

“It May Take You Decades, But The Term of Success Will Never Change.”

With his great passion and dream to build a complete education ecosystem for society, Dr. Satyabrata Minaketan started his entrepreneurial journey towards a socially conscious yet modern education world in the year 1989 with only just ten glorious students, a small dingy room, and the name of ODM Public School, which has become one of the most trusted education institutions not only in Odisha but also throughout the country. Over the years of his hard work, the school has reached the summit of glorious success while crossing numerous milestones on its way.

Dr. Satyabrata’s genuine, meaningful and result-driven actions have brought the revolutionary evolution for the ODM Public School, transforming itself from a small building to a sprawling campus with a whooping 4000+ student count. The school has become one of India’s top 5 schools and the most preferred CBSE residential school in Odisha for its quality of education and excellence.  The school also has won several prestigious awards and accolades, including World Education Award, Times Business Award, National School Awards, and Shrie Award, thanks to the remarkable guidance of Dr. Satyabrata.

He started the business study wing of ODM Educational Group named – ODM Business School in 2009 to deliver imparting business education. His insatiable curiosity towards building a wholesome education system has also brought great success to the institution and brought a strong presence and preference among students for the institution.

His journey of meaningful and society benefitting entrepreneurship journey has further continued with the foundation of Eastern India’s largest naturopathy centre – Healthville, which greatly contributes towards the promotion and development of Naturopathy, Ayurveda and other traditional nature cure therapies in India and worldwide. The magnificent 38-acre property is renowned for its quality deliverance of the highest standard and proven traditional nature cure services without any use of modern medicines and attracts thousands of visitors every year from worldwide.

“You will change the world; it’s only your doubt that’s stopping you.”

Ventures Of Dr. Satyabrata Minaketan