Humanitarian Activities of Dr. Satyabrata Minaketan

“If you want to the change the world for good, then start using the power of human empathy.”

Dr. Satyabrata is a dedicated, hard-working, and passionate humanitarian with a strong passion for helping others and has a comprehensive background providing professional support to youth, the homeless, and impoverished people. With his well-developed knowledge of sociology and highly admired problem-solving skills, he has provided practical and theoretical support to the community for the last three decades and more. In addition, he is working tirelessly to create and build a stable relationship between economic development and human rights issues such as poverty, gender inequality, illiteracy, social biases, and more.

Dr. Satyabrata also has substantial experience providing emergency relief with his solid ability t to manage real-time scenarios for maximum and fast-paced effectiveness. Moreover, his creative thinking, exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, strong negotiation, and presentation abilities are critically acclaimed by intellectuals worldwide. Here are few glimpses of Dr. Satyabrata’s highly praised humanitarian activities.


Home for The Homeless Children- Matrusakti

This project is committed to helping the orphans, destitute, abandoned and homeless children, established with the noble idea and efforts of Dr. Minaketan in 2004. The mission of Matrushakti is to provide social security with love and respect. In addition, the Institute is trying to provide social recognition to the poor and helpless children in society.


Tribal Women Empowerment Institute

The core concept behind this project is to train and empower indigenous people and local communities to reach the pace of the modern era while still recognizing their traditional skill sets. This revolutionary project is now helping thousands hone ecologically relevant skills with a proper context to suit the contemporary market.


Tribal Entrepreneurship Programme

This is another significant field where Dr. Minaketan took strong participation and deep involvement. In 2001 a Tribal Vocational Training Centre was established at Bhalunka to empower the tribal women, to promote vocational training in different areas like:


Vocational Training Centre for Women

Dr. Satyabrata Minaketan has conducted a number of vocational training programmes to promote income-generating activities among the slum, rural and tribal women. He has also conducted various vocational training programmes to sustain their livelihood.


Charitable Medical Health Centre

Dr. Satyabrata rendered his service to the poor and helpless people. He established a Health centre for tribal people in 2001. In addition, he promoted awareness of good health and hygiene to the Tribal community. This programme is being carried on every year with the active participation of the school children.