International Fame Award for the Best Health Resort in Entire Eastern India

by in News November 20, 2021

Healthville has been honoured with the distinguished International Fame Award for the best health resort in entire Eastern India by Brand iCon on 31st eve. The magnificent evening saw dignitaries, senior charity professionals, and industry partners across the country coming together to celebrate and honor the great work being done across the sector, promoting humanity to have the best outcomes for society. Dr. Satyabrata Minaketan, Chairman, Healthville, received the award from notable celebrity Mr. Sonu Sood the man with a heart of gold. Elated to have received the award Dr. Satyabrata Minaketan shared the story behind coming up with Healthville, the premium naturopathy center in Eastern India. He said “ It was the Gandhian values that inspired him to walk across the path of naturopathy. Established with the motto to promote the all-natural, globally-proven, and pristine healing science of India, Healthville truly promotes health tourism in the country.”

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